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For the longest time, Shopping Centres have become a place where people don’t just go to do their weekly shop or find the newest pair of jeans. It has become a place where you can socialize and spend an entire day browsing and enjoying yourself. But this can be a little hard if the lights or air conditioning aren’t working.

Experienced Commercial Electricians

Every shopping centre needs a commercial electrician on hand to handle any situation that may arise when it comes to the centres electrical system. But there is a big difference between having your standard residential electrician handling things and having an experienced commercial electrician who will not only fix the issue but ensure that it does not happen again. This is where Dawson Electric comes in. Our team of highly skilled commercial electricians have over 20 years’ experience working with large industrial electrical systems, meaning they are well-versed in handling issues big and small when it comes to shopping centres.

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Things that may need either fixing or replacing are:

  • General Power: This can be anything from an electrical fault to replacing an entire circuit.
  • Lighting: It would be quite difficult for shoppers to find what they are looking without any lights.
  • Three-Phase Power: When shopping centres start to expand, the need for sufficient power increases. Upgrading to a three-phase format power supply can assist shopping centres meet that demand.
  • Data Networking & Cabling: Upgrading a centres computer network is a big task in itself, but with technology evolving all the time, it is becoming a necessity.

Dawson Electric can also help with:

  • Energy Management: Our team can help with creating an energy-saver plan, reducing overheads and environmental footprint.
  • Design & Development Consultation: At Dawson Electric, our expert electricians can assist when it comes to developing lighting and electrical layouts when it comes to refurbishments.

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