Ceiling Fan Installations Brisbane

Ceiling fan installation and wiring 

At Dawson Electric we are experts at ceiling fan installation. Since 2007 we have installed thousands of ceiling fans in Brisbane. Our licensed Brisbane electricians offer  free advice on ceiling fan types and placement. Installing ceiling fans is often a more affordable option than air conditioning and is also more energy efficient. 

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Did you know if your ceiling fan is rotating the wrong direction it wont be cooling?

A Ceiling fan can actually be used in summer and winter. Modern ceiling fans have a ‘winter mode’ and can rotate in both directions. The blades spinning one direction cools the room for summer,in winter the direction is reversed circulating the warm air around the room, saving money off your heating costs. Our trained electricians will explain how best to use and set the fan. 

7 Benefits of a Ceiling Fan 

  1. In Summer, fan blades move counterclockwise to cool the room
  2. In winter, Fan blades move clockwise to move the warm air around the room
  3. They can look stylish, adding to the look and feel of a room. Be bold, choose a statement fan. 
  4. Ceiling fans are cheap to run, making them cost effective. 
  5. They save on space, being on the ceiling they don’t take up floor space.
  6. Safety. Ceiling fans are out of reach of children and pets. 
  7. A great addition to air conditioning. Ceiling fans help move cold air around the room and can either be used with air conditioning or as an alternative. 

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Safety Tip: 

It is illegal for an unlicensed person to install a ceiling fan. Installing it yourself could be unsafe and lead to electrical shock. It may also void your insurance. 


For a free quote or free advice about ceiling fan installation contact us today.