Best way to cool a room and save money on your power bill

Posted on 3rd December 2015 by Kristine Dawson
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In a Queensland summer air conditioners really are a must-have. However, it’s not necessary to use it all the time or on full power. Whether you have an air conditioner or not, these useful tips will show you the best way to cool a room and save money on your power bill.


Protect your windows with shade

Shade your north and west facing windows with awnings, deciduous trees and pergolas. Deciduous vines are particularly good options because they give you shade in summer and sun in winter. If these aren’t an option.


Opening and shutting can make a big difference

For the best way to cool a room, shut your windows and curtains on hot days, then open up the whole house when it gets cool in the evening. Thick curtains with block out backing or solid blinds (not ones with gaps in them like Venetians) will make a bit of a difference to your summer cooling and a lot of a difference to your winter heating. Also, if you have bits of your house which you just can’t keep cool, shut the door to these areas so they don’t heat the rest of the house.


Use a fan first

for the best way to cool a room instead of turning on the cooling as soon as it gets warm. Then if it gets too hot for the fan, try the fan and the air con together, to help move the air around the room. Fans are a good money saving tip — they cost virtually nothing to run.


Set your thermostat to 24°C

Hot weather can make you want to set the cooling all the way down to 16°C and jump under your doona. But cooling to just 24° should keep your home comfortable and save you money — setting your thermostat just 1° cooler can up your cooling bill by 15%.


The best way to cool a room, just cool the room you’re in

and you’ll save lots of energy, and give your air conditioner a chance to work properly, instead of trying to cool a bigger area than it’s capable of. Shut the doors to this room and seal the gaps so your nice cool air doesn’t sneak out under the door. Hang a curtain between rooms if you don’t have a door. You can use weather strips or put towels under doors to stop cool air escaping.


Get yourself some insulation

It doesn’t just keep your house warm in winter, it also keeps it cool in summer, particularly if you combine bulk insulation (big batts) with foil insulation (thin sheets). Ceiling insulation can cut your energy use by 45%, which means it pays for itself in reduced energy bills. And with the price of energy set to rise, insulating now is a smart way of avoiding excessive energy bills in the future.


Look after your air conditioner

Keep the outdoor bit of it shaded (e.g. with plants) and clean its filters regularly. If you’re a business, this is often part of the cleaning contractor’s job when doing your office cleaning

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Want to make a longer-lasting impact?

For the best way to cool a room, make sure you choose an air conditioner that has a high star rating for energy efficiency, and one which is the right size for the room you’ll be cooling. No point spending more money on power bills than you have to.