• Common Electrical Questions Answered

    Posted on 13th January 2017 by Kristine Dawson
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    A lot of us have been on holidays the past few weeks, myself included. In amongst heading to the beach and eating loads it is pretty common to get stuck into some jobs around the home over the Christmas break. I have been cleaning cupboards and painting walls. What about when it comes to electricalRead more »

  • Electrical Safety Guide to Keep Your Family Safe This Holiday Season

    Posted on 30th November 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    Is it me or does Christmas seem to come around quicker every year? On the weekend we broke family tradition and put up the Christmas Tree before December 1st.  With four children it is such an exciting time!  Whilst my oldest was beautifully hanging ornaments and my youngest was entangling herself in the old ChristmasRead more »

  • Double Adapters – Just how safe are they?

    Posted on 15th November 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    In today’s digital age, it is quite common that our homes have insufficient general purpose outlets (GPOs), or power points for our needs. It has been custom to just grab a double adapter to provide that additional power point to charge up your mobile phones or one of the children’s electronic devices? So just howRead more »

  • Smoke Alarm Laws Undergo Life Saving Changes in Queensland

    Posted on 27th October 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    Those of you that live in Queensland and own a TV will probably remember Australia’s worst house fire. It occurred in Slacks Creek, south of Brisbane in 2011. Eleven people including eight children died when fire tore through the house they were sleeping in. They did not have a working smoke alarm. The house wasRead more »

  • Electrical Dangers of Old Homes

    Posted on 10th October 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful inner city, Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo. Whilst these older inner city Brisbane suburbs ooze character and charm they do have their pitfalls too. One of which is the required ongoing upkeep and maintenance of an older home. I should know, our house is in a constant stateRead more »

  • Emergency survival kit. How to prepare for storm season.

    Posted on 28th September 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    Last Saturday afternoon I was at the Hawthorne cinema with my four children when we heard the most deafening clap of thunder. Rain began to pour down so heavily we could barely hear the movie. Yes, storm season has arrived! Do I have my emergency survival kit ready? I thought to myself.  We left the cinema an hourRead more »

  • Test and tag electrical equipment.

    Posted on 8th August 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    The requirements for inspecting and testing differ depending on the type of work that is carried out with the electrical equipment . In this article I will discuss the suggested intervals for testing and tagging as well as answering some commonly asked questions about test and tag.  Why do I need to test and tagRead more »

  • RCD Protection. What is it and why do you need it?

    Posted on 14th July 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    As emergency electricians, one of the main reasons we are called ‘out of hours’ is because someone’s RCD or safety switch has tripped and they are not sure why or what to do about it.  In this blog I will discuss the importance of RCD protection, the 4 main reasons RCD’s trip and what you canRead more »

  • LED Downlights. How do they compare to Halogens.

    Posted on 7th May 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    Downlights have been popular for quite awhile now and rather than diminishing in popularity like other trends that have run their course they continue to go from strength to strength. This is partly because of energy savings options like LED downlights being made more readily available and economical. What is a downlight? Exactly as it’sRead more »

  • Safety Switches (RCD’s) Save Lives.

    Posted on 5th April 2016 by Kristine Dawson
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    There is no doubt that safety switches save lives, however approximately 15 Australians are still killed each year due to electrical accidents in the home and over 300 people are hospitalised.  25 years ago it became mandatory to have Safety Switches installed in Queensland in all new builds and also where electric circuits are alteredRead more »