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Dawson Electric are your local air conditioning specialist, cooling your house or business in the most energy efficient way possible, saving your money


We offer our customers

An individually designed system which works best for you.
Domestic Installation of split sytem air conditioning.
Commercial Installation
Ongoing service and maintenance
5 year installation warranty


Other companies offer inflated pricing to cover the outsourcing of the design and electrical costs. Outsourcing also makes the experience more inconvenient for the customer

How to correctly choose the size of your Air Conditioner:

To determine how many KW Air Conditioner you need to effectively cool your area you need to do a little maths.

If A = 4m
If B = 3m then:
3m x 4m = 12m
12m x 140 = 1680w
We need 1680W to cool this room effectively. Therefore : 2000w or 2KW is perfect
Anything under 1680W will not be sufficient to cool this room.
(This is based on standard Australian residential building with 2.4m roof height)
20-40m Sq room – 4.2kw air conditioner
40m sq or larger – 5.6kw


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