The installation of a new electrical powerpoint is one of our most popular services. Often people have bought a new home and it does not have enough power points or perhaps they are not in the right place so they need relocating. Older houses usually only had one electrical power point per room. In today’s society with many appliances and electronic devices we often need several.

Maybe you are doing some renovating and require an electrical power point temporarily relocated or upgraded. We are able to provide fixed pricing on most electrical power point installations so there are no surprises. Our electricians are also able to give advice on the location and style of power points. 

Changing your power points from old to new can really modernise the look of a home. There is a big range of power points on the market. We prefer to only use Clipsal power points as they are an Australian brand and provide only high-quality Australian products. Types of power points and switches available:

  • Slimline power points
  • Outdoor power points
  • Stainless steel power points
  • Touch sensitive switches
  • Switches with an LED indicator
  • Timer switches
  • USB wall charger
  • Timer switch
pendant light

Powerpoint installation service we offer

  • Testing of power points for safety 
  • Repair to existing power points
  • Replacement of power points for aesthetic reasons
  • Upgrade from single to double power points
  • Additional power points
  • Power points with data sockets
  • Weatherproof power points

Electrical Power Point Safety Concerns

If my power point is sparking what should I do?

If a power point carries a heavy load such as a dryer or heater it can spark when the appliance is removed. Always turn the appliance off on the appliance before removing. A sparking power point could also mean the power point is faulty. Always have a sparking power point checked by a licensed electrician.

At Dawson Electric we only use Australian made products to ensure the highest safety standards. 

My electrical powerpoint is warm to touch

A hot power point could be a sign of an electrical fault. Immediately disconnect all appliances plugged into the power point. Often a power point may become hot if a power board or double adapter is plugged into it. Have your power point checked by an electrician. Double adapters can be far from safe and need to be used with caution. 

My electrical power point is cracked

Cracker or damaged power points need to be replaced as they are dangerous. Have the power point replaced by a licensed electrician. 


If you have any further questions about power points or any other electrical issues please get in touch.